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Meet Suzy

Hi! I’m Suzy!! I’m a small town girl with big city obsessions living life in a yellow house in Denver Colorado. Besides my husband who I’m moderately obsessed with I’ve got two tiny toe heads who keep my heart full, and my nights sleepless. I’m a child and a family photographer because of them. Because they have taught me about the magic of childhood and have shown me how fleeting it is.

I want to remember everything about them in this moment. Ive got plenty of iphone snaps that capture what they look like. I want photos that depict WHO THEY ARE. I want to capture their magic in my camera and feel that emotion every time I look at the photograph. I want to do the same for you. If you are looking for a photographer who captures the “traditional family portrait” with every person looking at me stiffly posed and smiling I’m probably not your gal. We don’t spend much time on getting that photo at your session. I’d rather get the good stuff. The laughs, the giggles, the blushing, the tickles. All things joyous. Getting kids to laugh is kind of my super power.

So, if you want the good stuff too, and you live where I do lets meet up! Save the magic together.

Oh and PS- I can promise your husband he won’t “hate” photos getting taken as bad as he says he does. It wont hurt I promise.